How To Personalize Your Real Estate eCover

The search wonks at Google and Chase got together to analyze what people are actually looking for online.

This is important because when you know the exact words people are using to search for homes online, you can weave those words into your blog posts, headlines, tags, and photo descriptions.

This gets you ranked in the search engines and it drives traffic to your website.

The top three mortgage searches are:

  1. How much mortgage can I afford?
  2. How much mortgage can I qualify for?
  3. What mortgage can I afford?

And the first-time home buyer market is rocking! I pulled an eCover out of my Real Estate eCover collection to share with you.


“The report showed that so far in 2017, 44% of Google searches in the mortgage category are for first-time buyer mortgages, up 11% from last year.

“In fact, the data showed that search activity for first-time buyer mortgages is at an all-time high.” (via Housingwire)

I highly recommend you build a content marketing plan and funnel for first-time home buyers.

  1. Write a series of blog posts weaving in the top three searches, exactly, word by word.
  2. Download my image and optimize it in your blog post.
  3. Create videos for new home buyers.
  4. Create a downloadable lead magnet for first-time home buyers. (you can use my image as a cover for that lead magnet).
  5. Create a landing page to collect names and email addresses.

You can get my free gift here. You get three formats:

  • PSD image you can edit fully in Photoshop, or free Gimp software, or online free PSD editor Photopea.
  • PPT image you can edit the author line in PowerPoint.
  • JPG image you can edit the author line in any image editor. You can also use the image “as is” in your blog posts without any editing.


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