What Kind of Content Works Most Effectively in Video Marketing?

Demonstrating a Physical Product or Service

People have always liked to try products and services before buying them, that’s why stores often use product demonstrations to sell products, and why the TV sales channels and call-to-action ads (with hotlines and special buy it here exclusively, or buy it now offers) have always done so well.

It is relatively easy, and inexpensive, to record live video footage and to demonstrate a physical product in use. Similarly for software products, for which high-quality screen grabs and video excerpts can be integrated into your video to let people see what they will be getting for their money.

Some businesses also effectively integrate the buying actions into the video to reassure the viewer that it is easy and safe to buy their product online.

Instructional Videos

Using step-by-step instructions to show your buyers how to work with your product is easier to do today than at any time in the past. This is so because of tools like camtasia, PowerPoint (yep, even PowerPoint can be used to make videos!) and a multitude of other similarly cheap(ish) and easy(ish) to use video making software.

However, if you really want that professional touch why not speak to us to see how we can help, or advise you with your production (http://ourlink.com/request-a-callback).

Funny Content

Recent YouTube history attests to the effectiveness of humour in creating viral content. It is however, actually hard to be truly funny in a manner that is appreciated by everyone who watches your video. (Remember that what’s perceived to be funny in one culture may not be so in another). So, unless you are naturally funny, it is probably better to hire an experienced producer (like us http://ourlink.com/showcase) to produce your videos.

Unique Content

Your content should be unique, different to other similar content that is available elsewhere. So, for example you could show users how to use a particular software tool to do something different, for example, build your website with excel [it’s already out there :)], but it was once unique! Or, you could show users how to use some aspect of your own products to do something unexpected.
Relevant (to your viewers) News Stories And Informational Content

Any new information which may be relevant to your viewers could serve as the basis for a news story, or a factual informational content video. It could be simple statistics about your industry, new products, or services, which you have found useful (not an affiliate sales pitch!), or new processes which may be useful in their businesses.

Providing this information helps elevate you to the level of a valued resource, or expert in your business niche or vertical, and associates you and/or your brand with this expertise in your viewers minds.

If you would like further information on how we can help you develop your brand through informational video content see our video at (http://ourlink.com/informational-video-content-services).

Live Events Streams

If your business gives courses, live demonstrations, or does webinars regularly, it may be possible to create video content using them as a basis.

Live content has a higher perceived value to an audience, especially if you use people considered especially knowledgeable in a particular field of expertise, and if they are not normally easily, or cost-effectively available to most viewers.

These live events can be made more desirable by using the idea of scarcity, with limited attendance, and a receording of the video made avaialable later to people who sign up to a mailing list.


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