ConnectRetarget Opens The Door To Behavioral Retargeting

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I have important news about a tech breakthrough that will tickle you if you are hungry for new home seller and home buyer leads….

If you are a real estate agent or broker and you are tired of seeing your best leads getting sold to the highest bidder, then you want to stick around because I found a real estate skeleton key to a treasure trove of online leads right on your own website and this is something you absolutely must check out.

ConnectRetarget is new cloud based software that helps you dig up more home buyers and sellers right on your own website …

You can also use ConnectRetarget to attract new talent to your team.

If your website is not delivering a steady stream of qualified, targeted leads day in and day out, then this video is something you absolutely must see, because ConnectRetarget lets you reach home buyers and sellers even if they have not called you, and even if they have not opted in for property updates and even if they have not signed up to your list.

Listen: we both know that acquiring new buyers and sellers is critical to your business, so as you watch this presentation today, listen for news about a stunningly powerful ways to reach home buyers and home sellers who are already visiting your website.

ConnectRetarget can also be the secret weapon you can use to attract new recruits to your team.

By simply watching this presentation today, all the way to the end, you’ll discover the secret to getting maximum conversions on your own website, without spending money on more traffic.
In a moment I am going to show you how ConnectRetarget lets you reach your website visitors … using an under-the-radar method of attracting an avalanche of new home buyers and home sellers without signing over your first born to profit hungry real estate portals…

The huge flaw of traditional advertising that means most advertisers pay more and get less, and how you can avoid this happening to you…

And I am going to show you the marketing “rule of 7” and what it means to your real estate business…

If you are already using retargeting, you know that Facebook retargeting treats everyone the same. You put some code on your website, and Facebook shows your ad to everyone who visits your website.

That means you are showing the same ad and spending the same about of money showing ads to people who landed on your website and stayed for two seconds and are not even remotely interested in using your services, or seeing a house, as people who stayed on your site three minutes or more and scrolled all the way to the bottom of your page.

You can measure their engagement and interest … that’s the 7-inch rule I was talking about … (a web page is about 7 inches deep)

That’s where ConnectRetarget comes in.

ConnectRetarget lets you reach out to your website visitors based on their behavior when they reach your website.

This brings your retargeting possibilities to a whole new level.

Here’s how it works. First you paste your ConnectRetarget code on your website. And, by the way, it works on any website platform.

ConnectRetarget will then catch all the behavioral data about your visitors and send it over to Facebook.

From this point on you can retarget your audience based on some things you never imagined were possible with an easy-to-use, intuitive, drop-down interface.

Simply select your Facebook ads account, enter a name, and URLs to target, and select the segment you want to reach.

You can segment based on how long someone has stayed on your site, as well as how far down they have scrolled on your page, showing how engaged they are with what you are offering.

You can also retarget based on where they were coming from before they visited your website.

You could show a video ad to people who came to your site from YouTube …

You can show an ad about the best way to come up for the price of a home if someone lands on your website from a place like Zillow.

You can also target them based on how many pages they visited on your website because that is a great indication of how engaged they really are.

Let’s say you are running an open house … you can run ads to everyone who has visited selected pages in a certain time frame so you can leverage timeliness and squeeze out some referrals to your Open House from your website visitors.

Obviously, many people are visiting your website on their mobile phones, so you can target them when they are back on their desktop device, ready to connect with you.

You can segment any of these audiences, and once you click Create Audience, Facebook will create a custom audience in your Facebook ads account to come up with the best performing retargeting audiences for your business.

And to make it even easier, ConnectRetarget includes a large selection of proven audience templates so all you need to do is enter the URL of your website and you are ready to go.

It’s that easy.

This really changes the retargeting game. While your competitors are using tools like Adwerx and the one-size-fits-all approach, you will be running ads to people who have already signaled strong intent … in their behavior, on your website. You won’t be wasting money on people who are not even remotely interested in doing a real estate deal with you.

And you will be doing it in a much more targeted way.

And I am going to help you personally when you pick this up using my link.

I am going to help you set up your first retargeting campaign, including image ads and customized videos you can use to connect with your custom audience. We’ll have a consultation first and you can pick a campaign – it’s your choice. You may want to select home sellers if you are looking for listings, home buyers, or maybe you want to build your team and you want to run a recruiting campaign.

This offer is for the first 20 people who sign up – I will design customized digital assets you can use in your first ad campaign with ConnectRetarget and I will walk you through it step by step.

This is a limited time offer, so click the link on this page and grab it now. Then send me your receipt and we will schedule that first consultation call. If you have any questions, send me an email.



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