5 Ways You Can Leverage Your Free FSBO Video

Don’t have the video yet? You can get it here.

Are you starting to make some hay with your FSBO video yet? (If you don’t have it yet, you can get it here … http://upvir.al/616/lp616

I am going to share some ideas about easy ways you can put that video to work for you in just a moment.

But first I want to make sure you were able to download your video. Several people contacted me and told me they were having trouble opening the video.

I am delivering the video via Dropbox, and the download link is at the top right of your monitor, just click the download link to download the zip file to your computer.

Once you have downloaded the zip file you must extract the contacts. I think that is automatic on a Mac. I’m a PC gal and I still love my Windows, so I right click on the zip file to extract the contents … and in Windows 10 there is an extraction element at the top of the page that also works.

Once you have extracted the file you can grab your video and the READ ONLY file.

Now, let’s put that video to work for you.

1. Post the video on your YouTube channel. YouTube channels are free and easy to set up. All you need is a Gmail account to get started. You n find lots of good tutorials on YouTube about this. Optimize the video … write a good description tied to the content in the video and be sure to add your market location to the text inside the video description. Also, don’t forget to add lots of good keywords to attract people who are looking for content about selling their home, (I.e. your city fsbo, your city for sale by owner, real estate tips for your city home sellers, selling your home in your city, how to sell a home in your city).

2. Share your YouTube video on Twitter and Pinterest and other social media channels. You will see a bunch of social media share buttons on your YouTube video right under the video.

3. Post the video on your blog using the embed code from YouTube. Besides dressing up your blog with more engaging content, you will create some serious search engine optimization at Google and YouTube with all video and all the keywords

4. Post the video on your Facebook timeline and on your Facebook business page. This is important – upload the raw video directly to Facebook as a Facebook video, do not create a Facebook post with your YouTube link. Facebook and YouTube are video competitors and Facebook will show your video to lots more people, and you will get lots more video engagement if you upload you video directly to the native Facebook video platform.

5. Create a FSBO landing page and drive local for sale by owner sellers to that page. Offer a lead magnet – open house register, how to write an effective Craigslist ad, how to stage your home, etc.

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